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My Art Practice

My art practice is a reaction to the world I encounter around me. From landscapes to florals to still life, I strive to explore the beauty I see and translate my feelings onto canvas. Taking a mixed media approach, the work often begins with bold charcoal, pen or ink marks which break up the canvas ready for new layers. My paintings are expressive and energetic using a variety of tools to apply, and often remove, acrylic paint. Colour directs my work and underpins every creative decision I make and I love to mix my own colour and explore new combinations. 

I have discovered over time that an essential part of my art practice is sharing. I use social media to show what is happening in my studio and where I am with my work on a regular basis and enjoy the interactions and relationships that have been fostered there.  Below you can browse through my Instagram feed  or you can head over to 

Where to see my Work

If you are local or visiting the area and you would like to come and see my available work in person, I would be happy to try and arrange a studio visit.

If you are in Edinburgh, you can find some of my pieces at The BirdsNest Gallery. If you are interested in booking a visit to the gallery, please find out more on their website

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